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Hermes Handbags Replica While some readers described routes that traverse one of the world coldest regions, or tunnels that only measure 4m wide, other respondents took our question to its limit, recommending roads that were not only interesting, but dangerous as well. In those cases, the roads are less frequented for a reason: read on for terrifying drop offs, unpredictable mudslides and a complete lack of concrete paving.For National Road 5, which runs north south between the towns of Maroantsetra (pictured here) and Soanierana Ivongo on the African country east coast, need to hire both a driver and a mechanic, said Anders Alm, chief technology officer for WAU, a travel agency that provides regular trips to the area. If you of concrete he added, this drive which he called worst road in the world would be one way to change it up.With sections of sand, solid rock and even worn down bridges that drivers must inspect before crossing, the 200km road takes nearly 24 replica hermes belt hours to drive. Hermes Handbags Replica

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